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Open Year-Around 

We're here to answer your questions as they come up and not just during the tax season. 

We are equipped to provide bookkeeping services, payroll assistance, and marketing planning and consulting. Just give us a call!


Haven't filed your taxes in the last few years and afraid to face it?

                     Here's a little secret! THEY MAY OWE YOU!

If you are NOT receiving letters from the IRS then there's a good chance you have money coming back to you.


If you are receiving letters, then you should file ASAP!

Give us a call 417-882-2975 or
email agregory@gandhtaxservice.com
and let us help you!

Walk-Ins Welcome



What you need to bring to have your taxes done:

  • Social Security Cards
  • Picture IDs
  • Mailing address and phone numbers
  • Bank account info (for refunds)
  • W2s & 1099s
  • Interest and all other income
  • 1098 Mortgage Interest paid
  • Child care paid (provider name, ID#, address)
  • Other Deductions
    • Medical Insurance
    • Other Medical Expenses
    • Real Estate Taxes
    • Personal Property Taxes
    • Charitable Donations (cash and check)
    • Property Donations (garage sale stuff)
    • Work Expenses (tools, uniforms, licenses, mileage)
    • If in doubt, just bring it with you

Now offering "Shoebox Accounting" services

Call 417-882-2975 or email agregory@gandhtaxservice.com 
for details!

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For our valued customers who like to do their own taxes, here's a link -- another great service we offer!

IRS Problems?

Liens? Levies?

 Let us help -- we specialize in helping in this area!


(Better known as OBAMA CARE)


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